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Situated south-east of Waterford town, Dunmore East can be found entering Waterford Harbour.

County: Waterford
Fish: Sea ()
Catch:Rockling, Conger, Pollack, Flounder, Mullet, Wrasse and Mackerel.

Spinning is for catches of Pollack and Mackerel from the rocks below the car park, float fishing is for the odd large Wrasse, Mullet which use fish bait. Bottom fishing from either pier is for Flounder and Rockling with night fishing for Conger.


All year around, although the best time of year is between May to September.


Spinning and bottom fishing with Mackerel strips.

Cost: No cost for off-shore fishing. Boat charter varies between 200 Euro - 300 Euro per boat, suitable for 4-8 people.

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