The Inny river can be found rising near Oldcastle town.

County: Kerry, Meath, Westmeath
Fish: Coarse ()
Catch:Roach, Bream & Hybrids.

The area down from the bridge has fast water, and between late September and late April Roach can be caught. Although often shallow and weedy in the summer months, the Inny in the winter has great fishing for Roach up to 1.5 lbs, some Bream and Hybrids up to 2 lbs when the water is cloudy.


All year around.


All legal methods. No live bait with pike fishing.

Cost: Coarse fishing is free.
Fish: Salmon ()
Catch:Salmon & Sea Trout.

It is very much a spate river, with the fishing confined to the spate conditions and rarely lasting more than 10 hours. The River Inny is regarded mainly as a grilse fishery, with fish running from mid-June to September.


Salmon fishing is between January 17th - September 30th, while Sea trout are taken between January17th - October 12th.


Fly and spin.

Cost: The ownership of the fishing rights is very fragmented. Enquiries on the fishing: Phone Michael J. O'Sullivan, Lobster Bar, 066 74244
Fish: Trout ()
Catch:Brown Trout & Salmon.

The Inny drains into several of the midland lakes before flowing into Lough Ree. With high banks here the fishing can be difficult, but catches of Brown Trout and Salmon are taken. The limit on Brown trout is 9.8 inches in size.


Salmon and Brown trout fishing is between March 01st - September 30th.


Fly or spinning.

Cost: Information on the fishing can be obtained locally.