The River Erne can be found west of Belleek and flows into Lower Lough Erne.

County: Cavan, Donegal, Fermanagh
Fish: Salmon ()
Catch:Salmon,Sea Trout & Brown Trout

It is sixty four miles in length and trout fishing can be very successful, specifically in the lakes. There is now good fishing in many stretches of both the main river and its tributaries.


Salmon fishing is during March 1st - September 30th.


Fly fishing only from boats.

Cost: Permits can be obtained from the Department of Agriculture Game Fishing Permit.
Fish: Trout ()

The River Erne is notable as a game fishery. Large trout are present and are mainly taken during the late evenings or in the mayfly season, which lasts from mid-May to mid-June. Later in the season very good sedge fishing is available with trout up to 2.7kg (6 lb) recorded. There is a bag limit of six trout per day.


March 1st - September 30th.


Fly fishing when fishing for stocked and wild trout. Trawling with a spoon can be very productive

Cost: Check with local agencies for permits

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