This lake is located on the Glenties road, 1km from the town of Dungloe.

County: Donegal
Fish: Trout ()
Catch:Brown & Sea Trout

The best time for fishing sea trout is from July to September. Due to a decline in brown trout the Angler\'s Association stock this lake. There is a limited amount of rainbow trout from 1lb - 2lb. There is a size limit in sea trout, fish under 12 inches should not be taken.


12th of February - 12th October


Fly fishing only. Children under 16 can use spinning with bobble and fly.

Cost: Enquiries can be made to Charlie Bonner, Fishing Tackle Shop, Dungloe. Boats can be hired for 5 per day and fisherman can use their boats providing that they are members.

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